Pest Talk Blog: Worried About Termites? Check These Places

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Worried About Termites? Check These Places

Termites burrow into and eat wood, causing significant damage to houses. While homeowners in warmer climates should schedule regular inspections to be sure, if you're worried you might have a problem you can look for common termite signs around your home.

Start in the Basement

Most termites are subterranean, usually found at ground level and first floors, though in warmer climates they may venture higher. Inspect all wood and wooden structures in the basement for discarded wings and termite droppings, which look like tiny wooden pellets. In spring and occasionally autumn there may be swarmers, appearing like winged ants, near light sources.

Crawl Underneath

Check under wooden porches and in crawl spaces with a flashlight. Look for mud tubes the width of a pencil running up and down sills and foundation walls. Break open a tube with a screwdriver tip to check for live termite activity.

Investigate Outside

Any wood near the house can offer nesting places for termites. Inspect old stumps, scrap, firewood piles or fence posts for signs of hollow or crumbling wood. Also check window frames, especially basement windows close to the ground.

Signs of termites in any of these spotsare a cause for concern, but only a professional can determine the full extent of the problem. See this website for more about termite control in Garner.

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