Pest Talk Blog: Alternative Ways to Safely Remove Wild Animals From Your Home

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Alternative Ways to Safely Remove Wild Animals From Your Home

Bats, raccoons, birds and mice are important to the environment and their ecosystems. Humans can enjoy spotting these animals in the wild, but it is not so pleasant when wild animals enter human homes. If you have a wild animal living in your house, you may feel panicked to get the creature out as soon as possible. You may also be unsure of what to do and may wait to see if the animal leaves on its own will. The best thing to do in this situation is to research methods of wild animal removal.

When you are suspicious that an animal has made a nest in your house, you should first try to find out what kind of animal it is. You could do this by listening for noises in the walls and ceiling, examining the exterior of your house for dropping or entrance marks and noticing the animals hanging out around your house. Depending on the type of animal, you may be able to use gentle harassment techniques to prod the creature to leave. For instance, an independent adult raccoon may evacuate a building if you invade its space with bright lights, loud music and a unpleasant odor. Often, animals find themselves trapped inside a house accidentally. Bats or birds stuck inside a house may simply leave if you turn off the lights and open a window.

If you have convinced a wild animal to leave your house, make sure to close up the entrance so it cannot get back inside. It is very important that you confirm all animals are out of the house so you do not trap babies inside without their mother or small animals in hidden places. Dealing with an animal that dies inside your home is certainly worse than removing and relocating a living one.Trapping wild animals in a cage may be an option, but you risk the chance that the animal lurking around your home has a nest nearby with young that will surely die without the care of their mother.

In order to prevent mishaps like this, it is always best to call a wildlife removal specialist. They will have the knowledge and supplies to identify the type of animal infestation and safely get the animals back into the wild where they belong. The service provider will also give you information on how to prevent wildlife from coming inside your home.

Call an animal removal specialist to clear any animals from your home and ask them to identify any other possible entrances in your home’s exterior. Visit this website to find local companies that specialize in animal removal in Raleigh, NC.

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